Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Detect More Transactional Fraud

Artificial intelligence technology can greatly expand the amount of payment fraud your organization is able to identify. The consulting firm Oakhall recently estimated that global financial services organizations could save more than US$15 billion annually if they applied machine learning techniques to their fraud prevention strategies. If your institution is curious about building a strategy to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to fraud detection but is unsure where to begin, let this webinar get you up to speed.

This webinar will provide applicable information on:

- How artificial intelligence and machine learning can help your organization to fight off and respond faster to account takeover attacks that grow ever more sophisticated
- Approaches for drawing more value out of the transactional and payment data and threat intelligence your organization is already collecting
- Advice on how to build a business case for an internal buy-in for using artificial intelligence and machine learning for transactional fraud detection

Alejandro Correa, PhD.
Lead Data Scientist
Easy Solutions

Joshua Schleicher
Managing Consultant - Fraud Solutions
Easy Solutions

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