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RSA Conference Highlights 2017

If you weren’t among the 43k attendees, this is what you missed from the world’s largest cybersecurity conference. This video shows why industry experts recommend intentional fraud strategies instead of ad-hoc anti-fraud solutions.

The Business of Fighting Fraud ISMG Interview with Easy Solutions CEO Ricardo Villadiego

The Business of Fighting Fraud ISMG Interview with Ricardo Villadiego EVP & GM Security and Fraud at Cyxtera Technologies

By 2018, cybercrime and fraud will hit an estimated $8 billion, opening new doors for advanced cybercrime prevention tools and the niche cybersecurity firms that provide them.
During this exclusive interview, Villadiego discusses:
> Why cross-channel attacks are a new area of focus;
> How regulatory mandates influence technology;
> How industry consolidation helps to build stronger cybersecurity firms


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No Password, No Problem – Transforming to a Passwordless World.

An increasingly digital world requires authentication processes that are built to protect against modern security threats – simply put, passwords do not belong here anymore. Join Cyxtera as we explore why a move away from memorized credentials is imperative and learn actionable tips about how to best implement passwordless access methods for your end users. To see, please click Here.

How to Keep Your Bank’s Digital Transformation Fraud-Free

Today’s Threats and How to Stop.

Them To be a bank is to also be a digital bank in 2019, period. Engaging customers across digital channels can create more meaningful interactions and open up new revenue streams, but also exposes your institution to a wider array of ever-changing potential risks. Finding and stopping the latest and most dangerous external threats to your digital footprint is crucial to limiting the damage fraud attacks can cause.To see, please click Here.

The Future of Fraud: Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Organizations of all kinds are trying to adopt the “Zero Trust” security model in order to solve a wide range of problems, including secure access for remote users and protecting critical legacy assets. How can your organization simplify remote access and protect workflows while improving the security of corporate networks? To see, please click here

Zero Trust: Deploying “Zero Trust” to Protect Remote Employees and Legacy Assets - Spanish

Organizations of all kinds are trying to adopt the “Zero Trust” security model in order to solve a wide range of problems, including secure access for remote users and protecting critical legacy assets. How can your organization simplify remote access and protect workflows while improving the security of corporate networks? To see, please click here

Combating Cyberfraud through Innovation in 2018 - Spanish

The constant evolution of cybercrime forces us to always be one step ahead. Join Oliver Quixchan, our Anti-Fraud Consultant, who will show us the most recent innovations in the Total Fraud Protection platform, and how they can help you to stop the dangerous attacks that threaten mobile and online banking systems around the world. To see, please click here

Fight Fraud Like It’s 2018: Reducing Risk through Innovation

Cybercrime’s constant evolution compels us to always stay one step ahead of new threats. Join our Director of Fraud Consulting, Joshua Schleicher, as he leads a tour of the latest innovative features in the Total Fraud Protection platform, and shows how they help stop the most dangerous recent attacks that have menaced online and mobile banking platforms around the world. To see, please click here

The Fraud Beat 2017: How to Protect Your Organization Against Cyber Crime Today and in the Future.

Cyxtera presents experts’ opinions on the landscape of fraud in 2017 and will provide recommendations for organizations on how to protect themselves (this Webinar will be in Spanish.) To see, please click here

The Future of Digital Identity in Times of Massive Data Thefts Spanish

Recent incidents involving massive data thefts have affected millions of consumers, confirming that the use of pieces of personal identifiable information for user authentication is no longer a viable option. Fortunately, companies are now able to leverage new multi-layer technologies that provide stronger security without major complexity or dependence on user data also available in black markets. Discover how frictionless authentication can help your organization overcome the fear of fraud and continue your digital transformation process. Spanish Version

The most harmful attacks in 2017 and what’s coming in 2018 Spanish

In this section, we will present the most harmful attacks launched against banks and companies in 2017. Additionally, we will explore predictions from industry experts on how the creativity of cybercriminals will endanger institutions’ clients and reputation. Spanish Version

Risk-Based Authentication: The Right Balance Between Security and User Experience Spanish

Nowadays, financial institutions feel an increasing amount of pressure when trying to offer their clients a safe and frictionless user experience. When correctly configured, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) allows institutions to accurately and transparently identify their user population. This type of authentication can trigger additional factors if the conditions of a transactions are deemed suspicious or too risky. Spanish Version

How to Evolve from SMS-Based Authentication to Frictionless and More Secure Technologies Spanish

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently declared that SMS messages are unsafe as an authentication mechanism. Banking platforms that use this technology have suffered major financial losses recently. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to transition towards authentication with push notifications, which provide increased security, two-way communication and zero friction for users.  Spanish Version

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Detect More Transactional Fraud Spanish - English Version

Artificial intelligence technology can greatly expand the amount of payment fraud your organization is able to identify. The consulting firm Oakhall recently estimated that global financial services organizations could save more than US$15 billion annually if they applied machine learning techniques to their fraud prevention strategies. If your institution is curious about building a strategy to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to fraud detection but is unsure where to begin, let this webinar get you up to speed. Spanish Version - English Version

Stop Phishing, Protect Your Brand: Trends, Tips and Tools to Fight Back and Act before Fraud Happens - English

Phishing, Email Business Compromise and a wide range of cyber threats are coming after your bank from every angle and channel. In this webinar, we will show real-life examples of the most sophisticated and dangerous online attacks organizations face today. Also, we will walk you through the latest expert recommendations and provide you with actionable insight you can implement to today to strengthen your position against online attacks targeting your business, your end-users and your brand. English Version

Email is Not Dead! Renew your Trust in this Channel - Spanish

The digital revolution is forcing banks and companies to trust in the email channel as a fast and reliable way to communicate with clients. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use this channel safely and protect your clients, employees and brand. Spanish Version

Threats Targeting Online and Mobile Banking in 2017 and Beyond - English - Spanish Version

No team wants its organization to be vulnerable to cyberattacks, but developing an effective fraud prevention strategy can be challenging – especially when fraudsters are always developing new threats. Stay ahead of cybercriminals’ tactics by knowing the challenges and best practices for preventing fraud attacks. English Version - Spanish Version