Detect Safe Browsing Clientless™

Transparent malware protection for all clients with zero friction.

Clientless Malware Detection
Clientless Malware Detection

Detect Safe Browsing Clientless allows website owners to identify and protect against consumer phishing & sophisticated malware attacks such as man-in-the-browser and web injections. The solution’s patented active monitoring and identification techniques enable organizations to detect and take down the sites hosting fraud attacks, often before they can even be launched.

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Protect against Targeted Malware Including Zero-Day


Detects sophisticated threats, including web injections, credential grabbing, man-in-the-middle (MITM), and password stealers.

Defend Your Entire Customer Base


Quick integration with little or no modification to web applications and transparent to end users.





 DSB Clientless

Malware Snapshot (TM)


Malware-injected pages are immediately captured using Easy Solutions’ patent-pending technology to enhance detection accuracy and aid in forensic invesigations.

 DSB Clientless

Immediate Visibility


Instant phishing and malware alerts with detailed attack data, including victim information, instantly accessible by other systems for automatic responses. Real-time protection available for end-user logins via API.

 DSB Clientless

24/7 Advanced Analysis and Monitoring


Backed by our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) that is always watching, monitoring, alerting, and acting against attackers. Our threat intelligence analysts verify each attack identified by our advanced detection engines to automatically initiate takedowns.

 DSB Clientless

Better Together: Combine Detection with Best-in-Class Takedown



Detect Safe Browsing Clientless can be used as a standalone detection solution, but it is even more valuable integrated into our expedited takedown and mitigation service, which leverages our trusted submitter status with an extensive array of ISPs, browsers and email providers.

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