Detect Safe Browsing®

Proactive malware detection and protection to suit any client or security scenario.

Safe Browsing
Safe Browsing for Any Environment

Stop fraud and allow infected devices to safely perform transactions online with our flexible anti-malware solutions. Safeguard customers against identity theft and account takeover from the advanced malware that enables man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks

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A client-side application that delivers visibility into the end-user browsing environment, detects malware and blocks threats in real time.


A hardened personal web browser distributed to end users in the form of a lightweight and portable USB device.


A transparent solution that detects malware injections on transactional pages with no end-user action required.

Mobile SDKs
Mobile SDKs

A library that can be integrated into any custom mobile banking application to provide native malware detection.


Enhance Account Takeover Protection


Augment existing malware controls and defend 100% of your end users with protection tailored to their needs.

Collaborative Protection


Easy Solutions’ safe browsing technology works collaboratively with our threat intelligence solutions to take down the sites spreading malware and help protect the entire end-user population.



Safe Browsing and Fraud Intel


Detect Safe Browsing is designed to integrate with Detect Monitoring Service, our fraud intelligence solution. This integration provides significant benefits over niche alternatives, including consolidating external threat reporting and integrated threat removal of sites spreading malware and other attacks.


A Malware Snapshot to Quantify Risk in Real Time


Using Detect Safe Browsing’s Malware Snapshot feature, malware-injected pages are immediately captured to enhance detection accuracy and aid in forensic investigations. This provides you with the crucial evidence you need to immediately respond to risk across your entire customer population.


Secure Access from Anywhere



Prevent identity theft and electronic fraud while maintaining the same user experience for your websites. By delivering physical USB devices, you can ensure that your customers feel secure when accessing their accounts, regardless of the device, location or network used to do it.  


Big Benefit, Low Friction



Attack account takeover at its source without creating additional and hidden costs elsewhere. Detect Safe Browsing’s mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) can be integrated into any custom application to provide malware detection with zero end-user friction.


Transparent Malware Detection for All Users



Detect Safe Browsing Clientless seamlessly integrates malware detection into your critical websites, giving a swift assessment of the type and risk level of the malware attacking your organization while covering 100% of your customers with no client download required.


Unify Fraud Management on a Single Screen

The Easy Solutions Customer Portal provides access to real-time data about fraud intelligence, attack detection and safe browsing within a single, integrated view. This lets you quickly assess your overall fraud protection posture and coordinate risk-based responses to phishing campaigns, malware outbreaks or other brand or customer targeted attacks. Lear More >

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